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edited November 2012 in Japanese
Japanese uses a lot of English loanwords in the form of katakana. However, it’s not the case that Japanese katakana words always come from authentic English. For example, “gas station” in Japanese is ガソリンスタンド(gasorinsutando - “gasoline stand”). I’d call this kind of word “Japanglish”.

From the point of view of Japanese native speakers learning English, this is tricky because it’s hard to tell which katakana words are English and which are Japanglish. If they use Japanglish, they can’t make themselves understood by English speakers!

Here are some more Japanglish words:
  • オーダーメイド oodaameedo - it sounds like “order-made”, but it means “custom-made”, “made to order”
  • オートバイ ootobai - it sounds like “autobike”, but it means “motorcycle”, “motorbike”
  • ガードマン gaadoman - it sounds like “guard man”, but it means “security guard”
  • コインランドリー koinrandorii - it sounds like “coin laundry”, but it means “laundromat”
  • ココア kokoa - it sounds like “cocoa”, but it means “hot chocolate”
  • コンセント konsento - it sounds like “consent”, but it means “electrical outlet” and “electical plug”
  • サイン sain - it sounds like “sign”, but it means “signature”
  • サインペン sainpen - it sounds like “sign pen”, but it means “marker pen”, “felt-tip pen”
  • ジェットコースター jettokoosutaa - it sounds like “jet coaster”, but it means “roller coaster”
  • ナイター naitaa - it sounds like “nighter”, but it means “(baseball) night game”
  • ナンバープレート nanbaapureeto - it sounds like “number plate”, but it means “license plate”
  • バックミラー bakkumiraa - it sounds like “back mirror”, but it means “rear-view mirror”
  • プッシュホン pusshuhon - it sounds like “push phone”, but it means “touch-tone phone”
  • フライドポテト furaidopoteto - it sounds like “fried potatoes”, but it means “french fries”
  • フロントガラス furontogarasu - it sounds like “front glass”, but it means “windshield”
  • ペーパーカンパニー peepaakanpanii - it sounds like “paper company”, but it means “shell company”
  • ペーパーテスト peepaatesuto - it sounds like “paper test”, but it means “written exam”
  • ベビーカー bebiicaa - it sounds like “baby car”, but it means “stroller”, 
  • モーニングコール mooningu kooru - it sounds like “morning call”, but it means “wake-up call”


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