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Teach lifelong skills and open doors for your students and children with Living Language.

Living Language courses are ideal for supplementing classroom learning or integrating into homeschool language curricula. Teachers and parents can rely on the self-guided format of the courses to motivate students and support their progress from beginner vocabulary to more complex language structures.

What We Offer
Online Courses

Living Language online courses are ideal for K‒12 schools and districts, colleges and universities, homeschoolers and self-study students. Our courses use a comprehensive and interactive method ideal for students learning a new language. As in a real classroom, students are coached through the language with conversations and dialogue, not vocabulary lists and forced memorization. From the very first lesson, students are immersed in games, images, and cultural notes that ease them into the language and motivate them with effective review tactics.

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Book and Audio Packages

Our Essential and Complete editions provide students who seek a comprehensive language-learning experience with three levels of study, from beginner to advanced. Books include easy-to-follow lessons with exercises for reinforcement and can easily be integrated into either a classroom or independent-learning curriculum. Audio—available on CD and as a download—is included for all vocabulary, grammar examples, and conversations, to enhance pronunciation and understanding. Writing and reading guides are also included in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi.

To see what languages we offer in our book and audio packages, choose either our three-level Complete Edition or our single-level Essential Edition.

Pricing and Implementation

Living Language delivers affordable and effective language-training solutions in a variety of formats.

  • Integrated into a Learning Management System
  • Through a dedicated portal for your school or school district
  • With internet access through our website

Compared to other language-training programs on the market, Living Language is the most affordable and complete package available. Custom quotes are available for bulk orders and specialized packages.

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