Destinos -Best free video progam I have found- Do you know of any others?

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I have high hopes for this program drastically improving my comprehension abilities.

What Is Destinos?

Destinos teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish. This telenovela, or Spanish soap opera, immerses students in a mysterious and entertaining story while viewing everyday situations with native speakers. It also introduces the cultures, accents, and dialects of Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico, helping students understand a range of Spanish and appreciate many Hispanic cultures. The programs are closed captioned in Spanish and can be used as a teaching and literacy resource. The series is also appropriate for teacher professional development.


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    ¡Hola THoth!

    Parece que se trata de una telenovela (soap opera) sobre una mujer detective. La detective trata de resolver un caso, la muerte de un hombre. Para ellos viaja por diferentes países de habla hispana.

    Parece interesante, pero te voy a recomendar mis dos series favoritas en español de todos los tiempos:

    Mi serie de televisión favorita en España era "Farmácia de guardia" de los años 90:

    También me gustaba muchísimo una serie sobre los años 60 en españa llamada "CUÉNTAME CÓMO PASÓ". (telenovela about life in Madrid in the late sixties)

    Espero que te gusten!

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    Hi again!

    I found a website with a lot of links to allow you to watch TV in Spanish from a lot of different countries,

    Link to list of Spanish TV channels online

    You can find the TV show "Cuéntame como pasó" there, directly from the TV channel website.

    Is the best Spanish TV show ever! I promise!

  • Hi Anna. Thank you very much for your suggestion. I look forward to verifying that it is the best spanish tv show ever. I am just now beginning to recognize simple past and future grammar in conversation, so hopefully I will be able to enjoy shows sin subtitles very soon. 
    Thanks again. 
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    Hi THoth!

    I just thought that watching cartoons in Spanish might be a very good idea. They are simple, short and fun to watch. Does not requiere as much attention, time or effort.

    Here is a list made by an Spanish newspaper, that includes a short explanation and a thunbnail so you can picture how the cartoons could be:

    Most of the links to youtube are broken, but just type the tittle on google or youtube and more result will show up.


  • Thank you very much! I had not though of watching cartoons regularly. But when I think about it, the speaking is generally much clearer, and more simple than dialoge found in movies. 
  • I just watched REC btw. It is odd that the american remake is nearly an exact copy of the spanish version. 
  • REC is so cool right? Well, I am a big fan of zombie movies so I loved it. 

    Did you have trouble understanding? Did you use subtitles. There is REC2 also, but is not as good...
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    This is one of my favourite Spanish horror movies (thrillers).

    "An undergraduate writing her thesis on violence in the media discovers that snuff films are being made on campus, and someone wants to make her a star."

  • Horror movies are easy to understand. I did not have to use subtitles, which makes the whole experiece alot better. Also, ofcourse!, hollywood made a remake of REC which is exactly the same, scene for scene.  I have access to Tesis. I will watch it and tell you what I think. If you liked Tesis, I think you should check out the movie Videodrome. 
  • No estoy mirando nunca una pelicula con Eduardo Noriega por nuevo. Me encanta mucho el fin. En un buen sentido. /(jajaja)\ 

    Muchisimas gracias por la recomendacion!
  • ¿No vas a volver a ver una película con Eduardo Noriega? ¿Crees que es mal actor? jeje
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