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Hello and welcome to Inglés!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Enrique and I'm a Living Language E-Tutor. I live in New York and I speak English, Spanish and a little bit of Italian and Portuguese. I look forward to meeting you, reading your posts and answering your questions. Please share your experiences learning English here. And come back often to see what others have to say!

Once again, welcome!


Un fuerte saludo a todos.  

Me llamo Enrique y soy uno de los tutores de Living Language. Vivo en Nueva York y hablo inglés, español, un poco de portugués e italiano. Estoy muy contento con la oportunidad de conocerles, leer sus comentarios y contestar sus preguntas. No tengan ningún reparo en compartir sus experiencias e inquietudes aquí en esta página. Y vuelvan a visitarnos para ver lo que otra gente tiene que decir.

Bienvenidos a todos.


  • Hi, my name is Jason. I’m a Living Language eTutor. I live in New York, I speak English and Spanish. I’m looking forward to answering your questions here. Also, I look forward seeing you in the eTutoring sessions!
  • Hello Guys,

    My name is Andrea. I live in GA, born and raise in Puerto Rico. I'm curious to know how much participation do you get from users at this forums.

  • Hi Focusgroup,
    Thanks for posting. We are actually trying to implement some changes here on our end to increase the activity on the forums because it's not as active as we'd like it to be. You can help us by posting any questions you have here and our e-Tutors are happy to answer them.  It's a great way to get expert answers to your language questions at no additional charge. 
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