Living Language Education

Preparing Students for Lifelong Success

In today’s world, language skills are essential for all K-12 and Higher Education students

Living Language online courses use a comprehensive and interactive method ideal for students learning a new language. Reflecting the experience of a real classroom, students are coached through the language with conversations and dialogue, not vocabulary lists and forced memorization. From the very first lesson, students are immersed in games, images and cultural notes that ease them into the language and motivate them with progress reports and effective review tactics.

International students are facing increased expectations to learn English before graduating high school. Living Language offers English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for native speakers of Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, as well as an English course that can be used by all students with a basic knowledge of English looking to become fluent. The online courses can be used by students around the world; all that is needed to begin is internet access.

Courses are available for the most widely-used languages in the world, including:

Courses can be purchased for individual use or for integration into an organization’s Learning Management System.