Computer and Internet related vocabulary in Spanish

edited December 2011 in Spanish
Hello Students!

Nowadays we spend a lot of time in front of computers and mostly using all sort of Internet services. If you are reading this right now you may be in front of your computer right? For that reason I have included a list of interesting and usefull Internet related Vocabulary.

Please send us your requests for specific vocabulary or any doubts!

Vocabulary (Spanish to English)

Arroba - At (@)

Enlace / Vínculo - Link

Archivo - File

Carpeta - Folder

haga clic (usted) haz clic (tú) - Click (imperative)

Conexión - Connection

Computadora (Lat. Ame.) - Computer

Ordenador (Spa.)  - Computer

Teclado - Keyboard

Ratón - Mouse

Contraseña - Password

Correo electrónico - E-mail

Descargar - Download

Bandeja de Entrada - Inbox

Pantalla - Screen

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