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edited November 2013 in Inglés/English
Hi, I have seen that there are calendars available in different languages.  I am looking for a desk or page-a-day calendar teaching English words/phrases for a Spanish speaking person learning English. Is that available?  Thank you.


  • Hi Katseye,
    Thanks for your message! We do have phrase-a-day calendars available for Italian, German, French and Spanish, but not English for Spanish speakers, unfortunately.  The Spanish calendar of course translates a Spanish phrase into English each day, so while it might be a bit strange to get a Spanish calendar for a Spanish speaker, it might still be useful. We do offer an English for Spanish speakers course which comes in book/CD format or online.  If the person has a smart phone, we also have an English app for speakers of any language.  Here are the links:
    Let us know if you have any other questions.
    Living Language

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