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Why Japanese songs dont use desu/da/arimasu

edited December 2018 in Japanese
I'm noticing more and more Japanese lyrics that omit desu completely, even the plain "da". In fact it seems to be a common rule to not include it. Some cases, there's just a yo at the end of the sentence. I dont see any arimasu/imasu either.

Obviously they want to condense things but it just seems odd given the importance of desu in a sentence for example, knowing the tense, separating the clauses, knowing where the complete sentence ends.

My question is, how do they really understand what's being sung without full awareness  of the structure?
Do native speakers talk in the same way to their friends?


  • Yes, in casual speech, 'desu', 'masu', 'da' are often omitted. Modern song lyrics are usually written with a casual speech style. In polite speech, however, 'desu' and 'masu' are not omitted. In Japanese language instruction, students learn polite speech first because it is easier to lean, and it's safe to know how to speak politely first.

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