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chanto totte

I just wanted to confirm this means 'enough'. I googled and couldn't find it or even in my dictionary.
ni totte means concerning, chanto means 'exactly'.

I found this on page 335. Suimin wa chanto totte imasu ka.
So 'chanto totte' means enough, is that right?


  • No, 'chanto' means 'properly'.

    'totte' is the te-form of the verb 'toru', which means 'to take'.
    'suimin' means 'sleep'.

    'Suimin wa chanto to totte imasu ka' literally means, 'Sleep, have you been taking properly?'
    But of course, literal translation always sounds awkward.

    So, natural English translation of the sentence would be rather, 'Are you getting enough sleep?'

    I figure that is how you got 'enough' in your translation.

  • Thanks. It's just that I've got toru as 'to take photos'.
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