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Two verbs joined together?

This sentence here:
Ichido byooin de mite moratta hoo ga ii to omoimashita
"mite moratta" you have te form of 'to check' + past form of 'receive'
Why are these two verbs joined in such a way?


  • The Japanese giving and receiving verbs can also serve as auxiliary verbs. When they are used as auxiliary verbs, they suffix to the gerund form (i.e. the -te form) of a verb.

    The meaning associated with such a construction is parallel to the meaning of giving and receiving that they denote as full-fledged verbs.

    The event denoted by a gerundive verb, to which giving or receiving verb is suffixed, is perceived as a favor or benefit, and the favor or benefit of the event denoted by the gerundive verb is considered the target of an exchange or transfer.
  • I see. Is it just giving/receiving verbs that are used in this way?
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