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Errors in Swahili course

Is anyone else using the Swahili course, and found errors? I am only on Lesson 6, and I have found several. Having just paid EUR 110 for the 1-year online-only course, I would REALLY like not to have to guess where the errors are... 
So far: in "Lesson 3: Grammar: subject pronouns", the 2nd person plural is given correctly as "nyinyi", but on the very next screen in "matching bubbles", it is given wrongly as "ninyi". 

In Lesson 6 "Vocabulary and phrases" on the vocabulary cards, the gloss of "mjomba" is given as "materla uncle" for "maternal uncle". Then there is "mzazi/wazee", which is supposed to be singular and plural of "parent", so: "mzazi/wazazi". The audio is "mzazi/wazazi". 

Are there more? Can I expect this throughout? Small errors, but not right! Isn't this what we pay 100 EUR for: not to have such errors? Please sort this out. 

Asante sana
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