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When you say you feel something

In the phrase: Saikin tama ni memai ga suru
it's saying "I've been feeling dizzy" but this literally translates to "I've been doing dizzy". Is it normal to say you feel something using shimasu?

The verb for experience/perceive is kanjiru. I would think experiencing dizziness would be a sensation (kanji).


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    You are right that 'memai ga suru' literally uses the expression 'do', instead of 'feel'.

    Other expressions that use 'suru' are:

    samuke ga suru... be shivering
    hakike ga suru... feel nauseated

    As you can see, we use 'suru' to sort of mean 'feel' when something is wrong with our health.

    On the other hand, when you want to describe your emotions, such as 'feel happy', 'feel pain', 'feel good', we do not use the verb 'suru'.

    For example, to say 'feel good', you can use the following expressions:
    kimochi a ii ...feel good (from physical causes, such as getting a massage)
    kibun ga ii ...feel good (from emotional causes, such as accomplishing something)

    The above two expressions literally mean, 'feeling is good'.

    If you want to say, 'feel happy' or 'feel pain', you can use the following expressions:

    shiawase o kanjiru... feel happy
    itami o kanjiru... feel pain

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