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Best way to learn verbs and nouns with their particles

I'm trying to look for  systems I can use to crack the codes so it's easier to decipher in relation to  particles and their words.

Sometimes you have location verbs like iremasu which will always have e or i in front, rather than o. So it makes sense to learn it as niremasu not iremasu. By my own observation I notice only few particles have pauses like wa and to (but only after nouns "and").

Is there some kind of formula or common practice Japanese people always use in every sentence when they use particles with their verbs and nouns? I mean which ones tend to continue into and become the following word and which ones require pauses to break the momentum of the sentence? Is it more the nouns or does it depend on the nature of the sentence itself?


  • A Japanese particle is basically a suffix, meaning that a particle is attached to the word that immediately precedes it. Therefore, a particle has a close bond to the word that precedes it rather than the word that follows it. So you want to insert a break, it should always be after a particle, not before it.
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