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Can you please explain how tara is being used in this sentence:

Sorekara, retasu to kyuuri to tomato to hamu o katte, sarada o tsukuttara doo desu ka.
"And then what about buying lettuce, cucumber, tomato and ham and making salad?"

My question is, why is he saying "make + if/when". Is he saying:

He's uncertain if he should make the salad?
'When' he gets the ingredients she should then make the salad?

Wouldn't it be easier to just say "and make the salad"... sarada o tsukurimasu?
I mean, why does he need "if/when" on 'make'?


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    If I translate the sentence by focusing on the contribution of "tara" in this particular sentence, it will be something like the following:

    "And if I buy lettuce, cucumber, tomato, ham, and make a salad (with them), how does it sound to you?"

    I hope this translation makes more sense to you. Basically, what's going on here is "Suppose I do this. Then, how would you react to it?" So, the person is asking for an opinion about something that he is thinking about doing.

    I hope this helps!


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