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The "to" conjuction.

Can you please tell me the use of this 'to' in this sentence:
"Juunin gurai da to omoimasu kedo..."(p61)
Biiru o sandaasu kattara ii desu ne.

It's saying
"About 10 people and? I think but...
"About 10 people that? I think but...
or is it "if" I think?

Id be great if they had more specific approach to their language as far as conjunctions go.


  • As you point out, the particle 'to' can be a conjunction, but it can only connect two nouns.

    The 'to' in the sentence in question works as a complementizer, which introduces a clause within a sentence. Basically, it is like the English 'that' as in "I think that...", 'I believe that...", "I said that...".

    The sentence is saying, "I think that (there will be) about 10 people, but..."

    The key to distinguish between the conjunction 'to' and the complementizer 'to' is to see what comes before and after 'to'.

    If you see a NOUN-TO-NOUN sequence, then the 'to' is a conjunction (i.e. 'and'), but if you see a clause followed by 'to', then it is a complementizer (i.e. 'that')
  • I understand. Thanks
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