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On the job healthcare vs complete editions

Hi. I work in the healthcare industry and was wondering if on the job Healthcare covers all the basics of Spanish and builds up to healthcare specific terminology. Do I need to be able to speak Spanish well enough before buying the on-the-job health care package?


  • The Spanish for Healthcare Workers course reviews basic grammar,
    pronunciation, and re-introduces these topics throughout the course in grammar
    notes, so that the course can be used by beginners and those with prior Spanish
    knowledge alike. The
    experience would be different for the two learners, but if you’re a beginner,
    you shouldn’t have issues using this course. 


  • I am very disappointed in the Healthcare Workers course.  I found it to be of very little value.  I did not receive help learning complex medical words needed, rather only introductory Spanish conversation set in a medical setting.  I would not be able to actually assess a patient or discuss treatments with a patient given this course.  Also it was extremely lacking in volume of content.  If you are offering a year subscription, I expect the volume of information to last me a year not a few days.  I am sorry I wasted money on this program and I will recommend other healthcare workers find a different course.
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