How to pronounce soccer (and other Anglicisms) in Brazilian Portuguese

In Brazil the beautiful game is called football, or futebol in Portuguese, not soccer. The sport started to be played in Brazil when the Sao Paulo-born Charles Miller brought it over, in 1895, from the English football association that was played in the UK. The Football association’s governing body is FIFA (Federation Internationale Football Association) and its main event is the World Cup, which is played every four years and will take place in just a few days in Brazil. Continue reading

France’s ‘Comfort Foods’

If 'comfort food' means a dish associated with a sense of home or contentment, then it could be argued that most foods in France fit that label. Indeed, following the stereotype, French people regard food as altogether convivial, pleasurable and nourishing. In winter however, an emphasis is on warm, filling foods. Continue reading

French Speaking Films at the Oscars 2013

Amour (Love) is a 2012 French-language drama which has been making a sensation around the world, both among the critics and the public. Directed by Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke, the story set in Paris follows a couple who are retired music teachers in their eighties. While Illness, suffering, and death are themes in the film that can be difficult to watch, it is superbly balanced with a sense of magic and the beauty of life. Continue reading

The Tradition of Weddings in France

Weddings in France are celebrated in much the same way as the western world. First of all, French law requires that there be a mariage civil (civil marriage) before any religious ceremony. Though there exists now as many religious weddings as there are religions in France, traditionally the weddings are Catholic. Continue reading