Why You Should Learn Dothraki and Other Conlangs

Constructed languages, or “conlangs” for short, are fictional languages invented by human beings, as opposed to “natural languages,” those that develop naturally over time. Some famous conlangs include Klingon, Na’vi, the various Elvish languages invented by J.R.R. Tolkien, and, most … Continue reading

Using Movies to Help Learn a New Language

You may not have seen Amour, but you probably know that it won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. If you’re planning on watching it because it’s apparently a very good film, AND because you happen to be learning French, here is some advice that will help you enjoy the film and get a little French mileage out of it, too. Naturally this applies to any language you happen to be learning and any film in that language that you’d like to see! Continue reading