Sesame Brittle from Bethlehem

George Hazboun also known as 'George the Egyptian ' has been known for his profession of making sweets in the city of Bethlehem tirelessly for the past 25 years. Let's take a look at how he makes his semsmeyye or sesame brittle, the Middle Eastern way. Continue reading

Top 5 Arabic Expressions to Use When Traveling in the Middle East

Heading to the Middle East? The following expressions are must-haves when conversing with Arabic-speaking Middle Easterners everywhere. These expressions tend to be used all the time in most conversations. مرحباً marHaban hi من فضلك، لو سمحت Min FaDlik, law samaHt … Continue reading

It’s Thesaurus Day!

Contributors: Hkebbe, Ginger, Sev, Max, Sakura, Anna Today we celebrate the birthday of Peter Mark Roget, born January 18, 1779. His Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases was published in 1852. Roget’s Thesaurus is still used today. We’ve asked our etutors … Continue reading