10 Essential Phrases For Getting Around France


Are you headed to Paris for the holidays? Or the south of France for an escape from everything? No matter where you’re headed in France or when you get there, if Est-ce que vouz parlez anglais? (Do you speak English?) fails, keep the following expressions in your pocket and – with some pointing and hand gestures – they will get you quite far.

French English
Bonjour! Hello!
Au revoir. Goodbye.
Excusez-moi. Pardon me./Excuse me.
Combien ça coûte? How much does this cost?
Excusez-moi, où est…? Excuse me, where is…?
Je ne comprends pas. I don’t understand.
Oui./Non. Yes./No.
Je voudrais… I would like…
S’il vous plaît. Please.
Merci. Thank you.

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