10 Essential Phrases For Getting Around Japan


Are you headed to Kyoto to see the fall colors around the temples and shrines? Or Tokyo for a little autumn neon? No matter where you’re headed in Japan or when you get there, if えいごをはなしますか。Eego o hanashimasu ka.  (Do you speak English?) fails, keep the following expressions in your pocket and – with some pointing and hand gestures – they will get you quite far.

Japanese English
こんにちは!Kon’nichiwa! Hello!
さようなら。Sayoonara. Goodbye.
すみません。Sumimasen. Pardon me.
これはいくらですか。Kore wa ikura desu ka? How much does this cost?
どこですか。Doko desu ka?   Where is it?
わかりません。Wakarimasen.  I don’t understand.
はい。/いいえ。 Hai./Iie. Yes./No.
これをおねがいします。Kore o onegai shimasu. I would like this.
おねがいします。Onegai shimasu. Please.
ありがとうございます。Arigatoo gozaimasu. Thank you.

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