10 Essential Phrases For Getting Around Italy


Off to Cinque Terre for a little seaside retreat? Headed to Firenza to finish off a fiery summer? Going to Siena to see the Palio horse race? No matter where you’re headed in Italy, when Parla inglese? (Do you speak English?) fails, keep the following expressions in your pocket and – with some pointing and hand gestures – they will get you quite far.

Italian English
Ciao! Hello!
Arrivederci./ArrivederLa. Goodbye. (infml./fml.)
Mi scusi.  Excuse me.
Quanto? How much?
Dov’è…?/Dove sono…?   Where is…?/Where are…?
Non capisco.  I don’t understand.
sì/no yes/no
Vorrei… I would like…
Per favore. Please.
Grazie. Thank you.

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