Key Phrases For Negotiations In Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese


Business negotiations can be tricky in any language, but in a language that isn’t your native language, they can be downright impossible. We wanted to share with you some essential phrases to use in negotiations in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Chinese English
Ràng wǒmen zài kàn yī biàn xìjié.
Let’s go over the details again.
Zài zhè jǐ diǎn shàng wǒmen kànfá bù tóng.
We disagree with these points.
Gěi wǒmen yī diǎn shíjiān lái 
kǎolǜ kǎolǜ.
Give us some time to think it over.
Zhè shì wǒmen de zuìzhōng bàojià.
This is our final offer.
Wǒmen jiēshòu nǐmen de bàojià.
We accept your offer.


Japanese English
Koushou o tsuzukeru beki desu.
We must continue to negotiate.
Korera no ten ni tsuite sansei dekimasen.
We disagree with these points.
Sochira no ossharu koto ga wakatte kimashita.
I’m beginning to see your point.
Kore ga saishuu ofaa desu ka.
Is this your final offer?
Ofaa o ukeiremasu.
We accept your offer.


Spanish English
Volvamos a repasar los detalles.  Let’s go over the details again.
Eso no es aceptable. That’s unacceptable.
Ahora entiendo su punto de vista. Now I understand your point.
¿Es esa su oferta definitiva? Is this your final offer?
Parece que en general estamos de acuerdo. We seem to agree in general.


Brazilian Portuguese English
Quais objetivos vocês gostariam de realizar nesta reunião? What objectives would you like to accomplish in this meeting?
Nós concordamos. We agree.
Vocês certamente não esperam que nós possamos aceitar isto. You certainly don’t expect us to accept that.
Estou começando a ver o seu ponto. I’m beginning to see your point.
Temos um acordo. We have an agreement.


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