Phrase of the Day: sunset



Learning a new word or phrase every day is a great way to build your vocabulary step by step. That’s why we share words and phrases in several languages so that you can learn continuously. Whether you’re learning French, German, or Greek, you’ll find these phrases useful. Try to use this phrase today!

Let’s learn “sunset” in several of our Living Languages.

Language Phrase [Transliteration]
French coucher (m.) de soleil
German Sonnenuntergang
Italian tramonto
Brazilian Portuguese pôr do sol
Spanish la puesta del sol
Arabic غروب الشمس [ghuruub ash-shams]
Chinese 日落 [rìluò]
Japanese 日没 [nichibotsu]
Korean 노을, 석양 [no-eul, seokyang]
Greek ηλιοβασίλεμα [ee-lio-va-SEE-le-ma]
Hebrew שקיעה [sh’kiya]
Russian закат [zakat]
Dutch zonsondergang
Polish zachód słońca

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