Phrase of the Day: spring

mar-546x350-springLearning a new phrase every day is a great way to build your vocabulary step by step. Flowers are peeking out all over, trees are budding, so we thought it would be refreshing to welcome the new season today by teaching you the word for… “spring.”

French printemps (m.)
German grün 
Italian primavera
Brazilian Portuguese primavera (fem.)
Spanish la primavera
Arabic  ربيع [rabiix]
Greek άνοιξη [A-nee-ksi]
Hebrew  אביב [aviv]
Japanese  春 [haru]
Korean 봄 [pom]
Mandarin Chinese  春天 [chūntiān]
Russian весна [vesna]
Dutch Lente
Polish wiosna
Irish  An tEarrach [On TAR-okh]


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