Beyond St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Phrases For All Occasions


In spite of what we tend to see here in the United States, St. Patrick’s Day is about a lot more than green beer and silly hats. A few years ago, we wrote about the customs and traditions of St. Patrick’s Day. We also looked into whether or not St. Patrick was even Irish. Last year for St. Patrick’s Day, we gave you some essential Irish expressions for the holiday. But what if you want to dig deeper with your Irish phrases?

This holiday, we’re going alcohol-and-shenanigan-free (though certainly check out last year’s post if you want to order a pint) and giving you some Irish phrases you can use in Ireland no matter what day it is.

Dia duit. [DEE-ah gwich.] Hello.
Slán. [slawn.] Good-bye.
Conas atá tú? [KUN-is a-TAW too?] How are you (sg.)?
Tá mé go maith. [taw may gu mah.] I’m fine.
Cad is ainm duit? [kod iss AN-im dich?] What’s your name (sg.)?
. . . is ainm dom. [… iss AN-im dum.] My name is . . .
Tá sé go deas bualadh leat. [taw shay gudyas bool-a lat.] It’s nice to meet you.

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And Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!* 

*Happy St. Patrick’s Day!