Books for Cultural Diversity: February’s Picks


We’re continuing to hunker down and stay cozy indoors during the last throes of winter. We have a few cookbooks, for warm, satisfying meals, plus exciting thrillers to get your blood pumping. Happy reading!

As Red as Blood by Salla Simukka
An international bestseller from debut Scandinavian author Salla Simukka. Lumikki Andersson is a Finnish high school student drawn into a dark underworld of blood money, drugs, and gangsters. This is a thrilling read for young adults.
Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang
Set in early 20th-century Shanghai, this story of friendship, heartbreak, and history follows a young Eurasian orphan’s search for her long-lost mother.
Land of Fish and Rice: Recipes from the Culinary Heart of China by Fuchsia Dunlop
The lower Yangtze region, or Jiangnan, with its modern capital of Shanghai, has been known since ancient times as a “land of fish and rice.” Fuchsia Dunlop draws on years of study and exploration to present the recipes, techniques, and ingredients of the Jiangnan kitchen.
The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking
Why are Danes the happiest people in the world? The answer, says Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, is Hygge. Loosely translated, Hygge—pronounced Hoo-ga—is a sense of comfort, togetherness, and well-being. This book introduces you to this cornerstone of Danish life and offers advice and ideas on incorporating it into your own life.
Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo
The newest thriller from bestselling author Jo Nesbo! Ulf was the fixer for Oslo’s notorious kingpin, but after betraying him, Ulf is now the one his former boss wants fixed. Hiding out at the end of the line in northern Norway, Ulf wonders if redemption is possible.
Scandinavian Comfort Food by Trine Hahnemann
It’s all about Hygge! To go along with your new Hygge lifestyle, try one of Trine Hahnemann’s simple and comforting recipes. From breakfasts to desserts, she covers all meals (plus snacks). Try Rye and Lemon Porridge or a classic fish soup.