Must-Have Gifts for Language Lovers in 2016

dec_546x350-gift-guideTis the season for giving gifts. If you’re anything like us, you have quite a few people on your list, and some of them are notoriously difficult to buy for. If you need an idea for the language lover on your list, we’ve saved you some trouble and come up with a handy gift guide.

For the Pop Culture Fan

The George R.R. Martin Box
Know a Game of Thrones superfan? This has everything they’d want! Some of the items included are: a limited illustrated edition of A Game of Thrones, miniature figurines of Lord Commander Jon Snow and Queen Daenerys, access to the Dothraki online language course, and A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. Use code DOTHRAKI15 for 15% off an order.

Foreign Language Movies
Watching a foreign language movie is an engaging way to immerse yourself in a language. There are so many wonderful films from dozens of countries around the world. Check out this list of Foreign Language Film Oscar contenders to get you started.

Foreign Language CDs
Listening to music in a foreign language is a great way to help you learn a language. Is your mom learning French? Buy her some Edith Piaf. Is your brother learning Portuguese? He’d dig the original “Garota de Ipanema (Girl From Ipanema)” by Tom Jobim, or many other Bossa Nova hits. Is your daughter learning Korean? She might enjoy getting the latest from K-Pop boy band BTS.

Do you know someone who has dreams of living abroad, or someone who is obsessed with one particular culture? Audiobooks can help you revel in a particular region and, sometimes, a particular language. Give them a copy of Cooking for Picasso so they can be transported to the French Riveria, or In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri so they can discover what it is like learning and living in Italy.
For the World Traveler

Try the World: Travel Subscription Box
The way to someone’s heart is, as they say, through their stomach so what better gift than a gift of food? This subscription box sends the subscriber a box of ingredients along with a culture guide in order to create delicious meals from a different country each month.

Living Language Passport
This is an ideal gift for someone else AND for yourself. If you’re planning a trip abroad with a partner, then why not gift a Passport course? You can both learn travel-specific vocabulary, phrases, and culture tips together. You’ll even get one e-Tutoring session with a tutor that’s a native speaker.

Cork Globe
There isn’t an easier way to visually keep track of all the countries they’ve visited—or want to visit—than this cork globe.
For the Word Obsessed

Foreign Language Baby Blocks
Learning a language is easiest if it begins in infancy. If you have a friend or family member who wants to teach their child Spanish or Mandarin, these baby blocks are a unique and versatile gift for parent and baby.

Dover Dual Language Crossword Puzzle Books
Many language lovers are puzzle lovers, too. (Language learning is, after all, the biggest puzzle.) Grab a Spanish or French book of crossword puzzles or word searches for a stocking stuffer. Dover also publishes dual language fiction books (half in the original language, half in the target language) which make a great gift, too.

Visual Dictionaries
You might think it’s crazy to read a dictionary, but reading a dictionary is a great way to brush up on your language and reinforce vocabulary learning. A visual dictionary goes even further by using images to help solidify the object and word as one in your brain.

A Foreign Language Media Subscription
A weekly news subscription delivered to your house is a great way to practice reading a foreign language. Sign your loved one up for a subscription to a newspaper or magazine from France, Germany, Egypt, or Japan so they can practice reading the news in their new language. More interested in shoes than in current events? Magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan have versions in multiple languages and offer international subscriptions. You can even get Japanese manga subscriptions for your comic-loving Japanese learner.