Hispanic Heritage Month: How To Celebrate and Connect


This Thursday, September 15th marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States. Looking for some ways to celebrate your Hispanic heritage or help others celebrate theirs? Try one of the following!

Cook a traditional meal. Food is the clear winner when it comes to ways to connect with your heritage. Argentinian? Cook up some empanadas. Mexican? Dig up your grandmother’s mole recipe. Dominican? Fry up some tostones. If you don’t feel like cooking, visit a traditional restaurant near you.

Put on a record. Music is a great way to reconnect with your heritage. Visit your local record store or library to find recordings from artists such as Tito Puente (American of Puerto Rican descent), Celia Cruz (Cuban), Javier Solís (Mexican), Juanes or Shakira (Colombian). You can also seek out live Hispanic music in your local community.

Seek out local Hispanic Heritage Month events. Many regions around the United States host a slew of events to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Simply search “Hispanic Heritage Month + [YOUR CITY NAME]” on the internet to find local Hispanic Heritage Month listings that will show what’s happening near you.

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