Take-aways from our survey and future course enhancements

Living Language

Recently, we offered free short-term access to our online course for anyone who would take a short survey about Living Language and language learning in general.  The response was amazing! We want to thank everyone who took the time to share their opinions and suggestions.  In particular, we were pleased to see that several projects we have already started were on the participants’ wish lists! Here are some things users asked for that are either already in place:

Audio content that can be used on its own

Many survey takers said they’d like to be able to study on the go, and to do this, they wanted audio content that could be used on its own.  Living Language Platinum, Complete and Essential Editions come with all course audio on CD so you can easily take the audio on the go.  In particular, the audio versions of our conversations are a great way to work on pronunciation and “the flow” of speech in your new language. Listening and repeating the lines aloud is a great way to work on fluency.

Access to a community of language learners for sharing resources and exchanges

The Living Language forums are a great place for our course subscribers to share their experiences and make connections with other learners. If you have a language question, a tip, or a resource you’d like to share, this is the best place to do it.

You also mentioned some ways that you’d like to improve your experience with Living Language courses, and as luck would have it, these are some enhancements we’re already working on.  Coming soon are the following new features:

– Graded quizzes at important points in the online course to help you track your progress 

These quizzes will give you detailed feedback on how you are doing as you progress through the online course.  To keep you on track, these quizzes will be graded and you will not pass without having mastered the content covered in that section of the course.

– Graded tests at the beginning and the end of the course to show exactly how much you’ve learned

We’re also adding assessment at the beginning and the end of our courses so that you can see how far you’ve come. The tests are being designed by our language experts to cover the most important points of grammar and vocabulary in the courses.  You’ll receive feedback that you can share to show what you know.

We’re always open to feedback from our customers. If you have ideas you’d like to share, post on the forum or write to us at etutor@livinglanguage.com.