Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Irish!


Do you have the Gift of Gab? You don’t have to travel all the way to Ireland and hang off of the side of a castle to get it.  Living Language will help you impress everyone at the pub with these Irish phrases this St. Patrick’s day.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!  [BAN-akh-TEE na FAY-la PAW-rig] Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Ádh na nÉireannach [AWE nah NEH-ron-okh]  Luck of the Irish
Seamróg [SHAM-ROGUE]  Shamrock
Go raibh maith agat [gu rev mah AH-gut]  Thank you.
Tá fáilte romhat [TAW FAWL-cheh roht]  You’re welcome.
Beoir [byohr]  Beer
Pionta Guinness, le do thoil! [PYUN-tah Guinness, leh duh hull]  A pint of Guinness, please!
Tabhair póg dom, is Éireannach mé [toor pogue dum, iss EH-ron-okh may] Kiss me, I’m Irish!
Sláinte! [SLAWN-cha]  Cheers!


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