Learning a new phrase every day is a great way to build your vocabulary step by step. That’s why we post a new phrase every day in several languages* so that you can learn continuously. Whether you’re learning French, German, or Greek, you’ll find these phrases useful. Try to use this phrase today!

Language Phrase [Transliteration]
French grand-parents
German Großeltern
Italian nonno
Brazilian Portuguese avô (m.)/avó (f.)
Spanish el abuelo
Arabic جدّ [jadd]
Chinese 祖父母 [zǔfùmǔ]
Japanese 祖父母(grandparents), 祖父(grandfather), 祖母(grandmother) [sofubo (grandparents), sofu (grandfather), sobo (grandmother)]
Korean 조부모 [cho-pumo]
Greek παππούς και γιαγιά [pa-PUS ke ghia-GHIA (grandfather and gradmother)]
Hebrew סבא [saba]
Russian бабушка или дедушка [babushka ili dedushka]
Dutch grootouder
Polish dziadkowie (this noun exists in plural only, there is no singular word for grandparent, it would be ‘dziadek’ for’ grandfathe’r and ‘babcia’ for ‘grandmother’)

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