Tour de France, Tour de French: Pedal your way through learning French!

During July, in honor of the month-long Tour de France, we want to get students excited about learning French! Follow along here with Le Tour and information about bicycling in France, and if you want to learn more, see below for information on our 1-month Online French subscription!

La bicyclette or le vélo (bike) conjures images of carefree bike rides through the rolling French countryside and quaint village streets. While most French people rely mostly on fuel-powered vehicles in everyday life, going places and especially touring using a bicycle is still very much enjoyed. In French, people say ‘Faire du vélo/de la bicyclette’ (to ride a bike).

Following the example of countries in Northern Europe, France keeps opening new bike routes, especially in scenic regions. Click here for a detailed map of the Véloroutes in France. But bikes are also allowed a more prominent place in urban environments. Among all French cities, Strasbourg is the friendliest for bikes, with more than 1 of 3 inhabitants using bikes. More importantly, the city’s center is off-limits to regular car traffic. And with Vélib’ (operated by the city), you can visit Paris on a bike for €1.70/day!

Pédaler dur (to pedal hard): biking in France also evokes the famous Tour de France, with some of the most challenging terrain, at the same time celebrating the many charms of French richly diverse regions. The first Tour de France took place in 1903, and continues to generate great passions among its fans.

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