Living Language Passport: A New Online Travel Course

How to best learn a language depends on what you want to do with it. For example, some learners may be headed on a week’s vacation to Oaxaca, Mexico or Provence, France, and want to learn just enough language to be useful on their travels. In order to better serve the needs of these learners, we are releasing a new online course designed specifically for travelers: LIVING LANGUAGE PASSPORT, starting with PASSPORT SPANISH and PASSPORT FRENCH.

This beginner level online course teaches the learner more than 500 key phrases they can use in a wide variety of travel situations, from basic expressions–such as greetings and other polite phrases–to more complex phrases such as those needed for getting around on public transportation, going shopping, or eating at a restaurant, all taught in an interactive online learning environment that you can access anywhere with a computer and an internet connection.

Each lesson covers typical travel situations and features:

– vocabulary and phrases related to the lesson’s topic

– concise and easy-to-follow grammar notes explaining how the language behind the travel phrases works, allowing a learner to gain tools for coping with any situation that might come his or her way

culture notes, travel tips, or dialogues related to each lesson’s topic to enrich the travel experience

– interactive games testing all of the material taught: more than 50 games per language

– pronunciation tips and native speaker audio to help develop speaking skills

Learners can even practice their language with native speakers before they go: we offer private e-Tutoring lessons designed specifically for the needs of the traveler to accompany this course. You can learn on your own or with a travel buddy, making it a great gift for honeymooners headed to Costa Rica, or graduates headed for a summer program in Mali.

You can purchase a 3-month subscription to PASSPORT SPANISH or PASSPORT FRENCH for yourself ($50) or for yourself and a friend ($75), and included in the price of the subscription is one 30-minute private e-Tutoring session with a native speaker; further sessions can be purchased for $30 per session.

If your travels take you to a place where Spanish or French is not spoken, don’t worry: PASSPORT Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Greek will be available in May.

We can’t wait to travel with you!