Quiz: How Well Do You Know Business Etiquette Abroad?

How well do you know your business etiquette when working abroad, or even at home with foreign associates? Take our quiz and find out!

1. What is the correct way to hand someone your business card in China?

a. with one hand face down
b. with two hands face up
c. with one hand face up
d. with two hands face down

2. What is the most popular month for vacations in Italy?

a. May
b. June
c. July
d. August

3. True or False: In Germany, it is considered rude to not begin a phone call by stating one’s name, before asking to speak with someone.

4. In Japan, how should you go about pouring drinks for yourself and others?

a.  Pour the drinks of others first, then yourself.
b.  Pour the eldest person’s drink, then the rest, then yourself.
c.  Pour the drinks of others, then allow someone else to pour you a drink.
d.  Pour only your own drink.

5. True or False: In Brazil, you may hear the honorific title Doutor (Dr.) used for people of higher rank (and not only doctors).

6. In China, if someone taps their index and middle finger on the table after tea has been poured, what does this mean?

a. It means, “Thank you.”
b. It means, “I’d like a little more, please.”
c. It means, “Let’s drink!”
d. It means, “I’ve had enough tea.”

7. True or False: In China, it is typical to use first names with anyone around the same age as you.

8.  True or False: In Germany, it is typical to have a second breakfast at the office. Many companies have an official break of about 15 to 30 minutes.

9.  True or False: In China, showing up to a dinner party a few minutes early is a way of showing that you respect the host.

10.  In France, there is a meal referred to as le souper (supper).  When is this meal typically had?

a. Late night, often after going out.
b. Mid-afternoon, between lunch and dinner.
c. Dinner time; supper = dinner
d. Mid-morning, between breakfast and lunch

1.  b; 2. d; 3. True; 4. c; 5. True; 6. a; 7. False – First names are used only with close friends.; 8. True; 9. True; 10. a