Soccer vocabulary in Brazilian Portuguese

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, the 2014 World Cup – A Copa do Mundo de 2014 – will be held in Brazil.  Whether you’ll be there in person or watching from home, you can get in the spirit by learning some soccer phrases in Brazilian Portuguese. Shout Marca! (Score!) when your favorite jogador (player) scores.  When things don’t go as you’d like them to on the field, complain like a native with Foi falta! (It was a foul!) or our favorite Que palhaçada! (What a circus!)

Here are some general soccer terms:

Portuguese Pronunciation English
arbitro ahr BEE troh referee
bola BOH lah ball
campo camPOO field/pitch
chute SHOOtee kick
escanteio ehs cahn TEY you corner
falta FAHl tah foul
futebol foo TCHEE ball soccer
gol goal goal
goleiro goh LAYroo goal keeper
gramado gra MAHdoo field (grass)
impedimento een peh dee MEN toh offside
jogador joh gah DOR player
juiz jooEEZ referee (popular)
penalti penalty penalty
trave TRAhvee goalpost
torcida tohr SEE dah fans
torcer tohr SEHr to root


And some exclamations and cheers:

Portuguese Pronunciation English
Vai lá timão! VAY lah TEEmaow Go team!
Foi gol! FOH ee gol It was goal!
Marca! MAHr kah Score!
Passa a bola! PAHs AH bohLAH Pass the ball!
É do Brasil! EH doo Brazil It was for Brazil!
É campeão! EH cahn pee AOW The champions!


And phrases sure to be heard in the stands:

Portuguese Pronunciation English
Foi falta! PHO ay FAHl tah It was a foul!
Que palhaçada! KEE pah leeah SAH dah What a circus! (That’s not right!)
Onde já se viu uma coisa dessas? Ondee xah see VEEoo oomahCOYzah DEHssas? Who’s ever seen something like that? (complaint)
O juiz errou! oh jooEEZ EHrroh The referee is mistaken!
Foi fora! PHO ay PHO rah Out!


Photo Credit: Werner Kunz via Compfight cc