Phrase of the day: I’m here on a business trip.

Learning a new phrase every day is a great way to build your vocabulary step by step. That’s why we post a new phrase every day in 10 languages* so that you can learn continuously. Whether you’re learning French, German, or Greek, you’ll find these phrases useful. Try to use this phrase today!

Language Phrase [Transliteration]
Arabic انا هنا برحلة عمل. [anaa hunaa bi-riHlat xamal.]
Mandarin Chinese 我来这里出差。[wǒ lái zhè lǐ chū chāi.]
French Je suis en voyage d’affaires.
German Ich bin auf einer Geschäftsreise.
Italian Sono in viaggio per affari.
Japanese ビジネスで来ています。[Bijinesu de kiteimasu.]
Korean 여기 출장왔어요. [yeogi chuljang wasseyo.]
Brazilian Portuguese Estou em viagem de negócios.
Spanish Estoy en viaje de negocios.
Greek Είμαι για δουλειά εδώ. [Ime gia doulia eh-do.]


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