Directoras de cine: Spanish female directors

We all know that watching films is a fantastic way to learn a language and get to know the culture of a country. I encourage you to explore further, and look for works of female directors. Their work needs attention and support. Three contemporary film directors from Spain that have built a prestigious career are Icíar Bollaín, Isabel Coixet, and Gracia Querejeta. The following films are easy to find:

By Coixet, La vida sin mí, 2003 (My Life Without Me) and La vida secreta de las palabras, 2005 (The Secret Life of Words);

By Bollaín, Te doy mis ojos, 2003 (Take my Eyes) and También la lluvia, 2010 (Even the Rain);

And by Querejeta, Héctor, 2004 and  Siete mesas de billar francés, 2007(Seven Billiard Tables).

Besides becoming directoras de cine (female film directors), women have also been accessing other traditionally male professions, and with this social change, a change in the language has occurred. Some decades ago there was not a word in Spanish to say female judge, but now we have jueza. Médica (female doctor) was considered incorrect, but not anymore. Ingeniera (female engineer), bombera (fire woman), and jefa (female boss) are now common. However, to turn a pilot into a woman we still resist the word pilota and prefer mujer piloto. ¡Todo se andará! (It will eventually happen!)