It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Swedish Edition

We were already “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fans before these Ingmar Bergman style teasers were brought to our attention, but watching the gang speak such dramatic Swedish has endeared them even more to the Living Language hearts.

Maybe we need to do a Complete Swedish course to give Danny Devito’s character Frank a hand? Interestingly, his pronunciation of the phrase he uses to say he doesn’t speak Swedish – Jag pratar inte svenska (yah prah-tahr in-tuh svehns-kuh) – isn’t very good. He seems to confuse the Spanish first person yo for the Swedish first person jag and says protar instead of pratar. He could have also said:

Min svenska är inte så bra.
(Min svehn-skuh ahr in-tuh soh brah.)
My Swedish isn’t so good. 

Though perhaps that was the point? If you or Frank/Danny Devito want to brush up on your Swedish, you can start with some Swedish phrases here

(More clips of the “It’s Always Bergman In Philadelphia” saga can be found on their YouTube page.)