Words and phrases for your summer trip to Italy

Are you traveling to “The Boot” this summer? If so, and if you are coming to Italy in August, you should know that August is THE month to experience an Italian summer! People go on vacation en masse: city streets are empty; beaches are full.  The peak vacation day in August is the holiday, Ferragosto, “Assumption Day”. It falls on August 15th. On Ferragosto, it is practically mandatory not to be at home or at work.

Your Living Language course covers a lot of summer vocabulary, but here are some terms that will be especially useful during your summer travels in Italy:

Estate = Summer
Caldo = Hot
Spiaggia = beach
Tenda = tent
Mare = sea
Nuotare = to swim
Prendere il sole = to sunbathe
Insalata di riso = rice salad (very popular in the summer)
Costume = bathing suit
Bagnino = lifeguard
“Si crepa dal caldo” =  “It’s sweltering” (idiomatic expression)

No matter when you’re coming to Italy, knowing some basic Italian words and expressions will make your trip go much more smoothly (and be much more fun). In many cases, Italians do not speak any language aside from Italian, even in the hospitality industry, so when you go, be patient (paziente) and practice your Italian!

Here are some useful words and expressions you may want to know while dealing with traveling matters:

Viaggiare = to travel
Prenotare = to book.
Prenotazione = reservation
Example sentence: “Vorrei fare una prenotazione” = I would like to make a reservation)
Noleggiare = to rent (used only for things that move, like cars and boats).
Example sentence: “Vorrei noleggiare una macchina” = I would like to rent a car
Afittare = to rent (real estate)
Biglietto = ticket.
Example sentence:  “Vorrei comprare un biglietto per Bologna” = I would like to buy a ticket to Bologna.
Museo = museum
Example sentence: “A che ora apre il museo?” = At what time does the museum open?
Treno = Train
Example: “A che ora parte il treno per Torino?”
Camera = room (as in hotel room)