Spring in Italy

Spring (primavera) is a lovely season in Italy and in May (Maggio), there are many flower festivals or “simple” great gardens (giardini) to admire, from Lombardy to Sicily. From north to south, the Boot is covered with fragrant petals (petali) and green gardens. If you happen to be in Italy, check out these events.

FLORENCE:  Giardino di Boboli is a corner (angolo) of the Tuscan capital. Owned by the Medici family, the garden was considered for centuries the most sophisticated garden in Europe. Open to the public. Don’t miss it!

PERUGIA: Perugia Flower Show (May 24 to 26), the largest trade show in rare plants in Europe. There are at least 100 varieties of hydrangeas (ortiense), more than 500 types of roses (rose) and tropical plants, alpine, fat or carnivorous. The biggest names in the international floriculture are present.

NOTO: L’infiorata Noto, in the wonderful Sicilian town pearl of the Baroque. Go there between May 17 and 19. There are beautiful natural mosaics — made by hand by the master that prepares the flowers of the city — a cascade (cascata) of petals starting at the top of the town down to the streets.

There are also many idiomatic expressions attached to the season. Let’s start with some basics:

fiorire or sbocciare = to bloom

fiore = flower

cinguettio = chirping/tweeting (pronounced [cheen-gwe-TEE-oh])

raggio di sole = ray of sunshine

Una rondine non fa primavera. = (lit., One swallow does not make spring.) One specific event does not mean that a trend is going to start.

Now a spring nursery rhyme by the famous author Gianni Rodari.  Try to translate it and post as comment!

Viene aprile dopo marzo
io comincio a stare scalzo
con il vento sulla faccia
corro a lungo sulla spiaggia.