Chinese spring vocabulary and a poem by Meng Haoran


Let’s learn some spring vocabulary through a Chinese poem by 孟浩然 (mèng hào rán) called 春晓 chūn xiǎo – A Morning In The Spring. 

春 眠 不 觉 晓,  chūn mián bù jué xiǎo
Sleeping in the spring, I didn’t even notice morning has come.

处 处 闻 啼 鸟。 chù chù wén tí niǎo
You can hear birds’ singing everywhere.

夜 来 风 雨 声, yè lái fēng yǔ shēng
Last night there was the sound of the rain and the blowing wind,

花 落 知 多 少。huā luò zhī duō shǎo
I wonder how many beautiful flowers blew off in the wind.

孟浩然 mèng hào rán (689-740 A.D.) was one of the most famous poets of the Tang dynasty. He often portrayed the beauty of mother nature in his poems, using a simple and natural writing style.

Here are some words and phrases that will come in handy talking about spring.

  • spring:春天 chūn tiān
  • good weather: 好天气 hǎo tiān qì
  • warm: 暖和 nuǎn huo
  • comfortable: 舒服 shū fú
  • a beautiful view: 美丽的景色 měi lì de jǐng sè


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