France’s ‘Comfort Foods’

If 'comfort food' means a dish associated with a sense of home or contentment, then it could be argued that most foods in France fit that label. Indeed, following the stereotype, French people regard food as altogether convivial, pleasurable and nourishing. In winter however, an emphasis is on warm, filling foods. Continue reading

Using Movies to Help Learn a New Language

You may not have seen Amour, but you probably know that it won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. If you’re planning on watching it because it’s apparently a very good film, AND because you happen to be learning French, here is some advice that will help you enjoy the film and get a little French mileage out of it, too. Naturally this applies to any language you happen to be learning and any film in that language that you’d like to see! Continue reading

French Speaking Films at the Oscars 2013

Amour (Love) is a 2012 French-language drama which has been making a sensation around the world, both among the critics and the public. Directed by Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke, the story set in Paris follows a couple who are retired music teachers in their eighties. While Illness, suffering, and death are themes in the film that can be difficult to watch, it is superbly balanced with a sense of magic and the beauty of life. Continue reading

‘No’, Foreign Language Film Oscars 2013

The 2013 Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film, ‘No,’ is based on the plot of the never published movie “Plebiscite”, which was finally adapted to the big screens by Pablo Larraín. This is the true story of a marketing campaign … Continue reading