It’s Thesaurus Day!

Contributors: Hkebbe, Ginger, Sev, Max, Sakura, Anna

Today we celebrate the birthday of Peter Mark Roget, born January 18, 1779. His Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases was published in 1852. Roget’s Thesaurus is still used today.

We’ve asked our etutors to give us some synonyms for common words you might already know. Take a look!


English word translation synonyms
big كبير  “kabiir” ضخم “Dhakhm” (huge)
beautiful جميل  ” jamiil فاتن “faatin”  (pretty)
happy سعيد  “saxiid” فرحان “farhaan”  (glad)
friend صديق  “Sadiiq” خليل “khaliil” (close friend) 
delicious لذيذ is “ladhiidh” شهي “shahiy” (tasty)


beautiful 漂亮 piào liàng měi
happy kuài 开心 kāi xīn;  愉快 kuài; 欢喜 huān xǐ;   愉悦 yuè;  喜悦 xǐ yuè
friend 朋友 péng yǒu 友人 yǒu rén
delicious 美味 měi wèi 好吃 hǎo chī  可口  kě kǒu
angry 生气 shēng 愤怒 fèn nù ;气  qì fèn


big grand/ grande (m./f.) large (wide)
beautiful beau / belle (m./f.) mignon/ mignonne (m./f.) (cute)
friend ami / amie (m./f.) copain/ copine (m./f.) (friend, informal); petit ami/ petite amie (m./f.) (boyfriend/ girlfriend)
delicious délicieux /délicieuse (m./f.) savoureux /savoureuse (m./f.) (tasty)


big grosso/a/i/e grande/i  Example: “sei un grande (you are a cool guy)
beautiful bello/a/i/e  Example: Sei bello come il sole. You are beautiful. (lit. You are as beautiful as the sun) attraente/i
happy felice/I  Example: E’ felice come una Pasqua. He/she is very happ.y (lit. He is as happy as Easter.) contento/a/i/e
friend amico/a/amici/amiche compagno/a/i/e
delicious delizioso/a/i/e buono/a/i/e


big 大きい ookii  大きな ookina can also mean big. The only thing to keep in mind is that 大きな ookina has to be followed by a noun. For example, you can say 大きな木 ookina ki  big tree, but if you want to say the tree is big, then you must use the adjective 大きい ookii instead.
beautiful 美しい utsukushii きれい kiree (The adjective  美しい utsukushii is not used very casually in Japanese. Instead, きれい kiree, which means pretty is used often. So whenever you want to say, It’s beautiful!, say, きれい Kiree!
happy 幸せ shiawase  嬉しい ureshii means pleased, but it is used in many contexts where English speakers would say happy. For example, if you want to say, I’m happy to see you in Japanese, it will be お会いできて嬉しいです Oaidekite ureshii desu.
friend 友達 tomodachi  親友 shin-yuu means close friend or best friend. For example, ジョンは私の親友です Jon wa watashi no shin-yuu desu means John is my close/best friend.


big grande (sing.) / grandes (pl.) gran, enorme (very big)
beautiful bonito (sing. masc.) / bonita (sing. fem.) / bonitos (pl. masc.) / bonitas (pl. fem.) guapo/guapa (related to people meaning handsome/pretty)
happy feliz (sing.) / felices (pl.) contento/contenta (glad)
delicious delicioso (sing. masc.) / deliciosa (sing. fem.) / deliciosos (pl. masc.) / deliciosas (pl. fem.) rico/rica (delicious)
friend amigo (sing. masc.) / amiga (sing. fem.) / amigos (pl. masc.) / amigas (pl. fem) colega (does not mean colleague- false cognate)