Mmmm Cozy Culture!

Chilly mornings, shorter days… we’ve got one thing on our minds—fireplaces, cafes, a good book and a warm-me-up drink.

What kind of drink? We’ve pulled together some of our favorite warm drinks from around the world.

And thanks to our eTutors, you’ll sound like a pro next time you’re in, say, Italy… and asking for a hot chocolate.


“Per Favore, per me una cioccolata calda densa, grazie!”

Italian hot chocolate is thick, dense and rich… perfect for warming up after that chilly vespa ride through Rome!


The French, on the other hand, love a great Café Brulot. A sweetened, warm combination of brandy and coffee–usually with a little orange or cinnamon added.

 Recipes are simple, so you can create the chicest of evenings for your next gathering! And when you’re in France, to order you’d simply, “Je voudrais un café Bruolot, s’il vous plait.”


Oolong Tea (known as 乌龙茶 Wūlóngchá) is a Chinese traditional tea that ranges in flavor and boldness.

Chinese tea drinkers have a great passion for this drink. To order, 我要一杯乌龙茶。or, “Wǒ yào yì bēi wūlóngchá.”


In South America, Coca Tea (Mate de Coca in Spanish) is a common herbal tea, often enjoyed by Peruvians. And of course, it is the perfect cleanser for those fall colds and allergies.

You would order by saying, “Yo quisiera un mate de coca, por favor.”


The Japanese drink Sake, is made with fermented rice and water. Enjoyed either warm or chilled—and a great idea for before-dinner with friends (it’s often served in a pitcher, designed to share)!

Various forms of sake have been part of the Japanese culture for centuries.


Glühwein is a holiday favorite of Germans, Dutch and the Alsace region of France. Warm red wine with cinnamon, orange and a little sweetener… Voila! Perfect Saturday night by the fire.

On your German holiday trip, you could get an authentic version by asking, “Kann ich bitte ein Glas Glühwein haben?



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