German Unity day

The Berlin Wall opened on November 9, 1989 but the unification is celebrated on October 3 because the treaty of unification was signed on October 3,1990.

Germany celebrates on October 3 their annual reunification. It is a public holiday therefore schools and most places will be closed on this day.

What are some of the main German terms you can think of when you are thinking back to the reunification? Maybe Wiedervereinigung and/or “die Wende”* (reunification) , Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall), Deutsche Demokratische Republik, DDR (German Democratic Republic).

*Die Wende may have different definition, but in this case we can use it for another term to describe reunification.

How do Germans celebrate their Wiedervereinigung? Do they use fireworks like the U.S. on the Fourth of July? Not really. Germany celebrates the Unity Day each year with a ceremonial act and a citiziens’ festival, so-called Bürgerfest. This year this is taking place in Munich. So, if you plan on visiting Germany for the OktoberFest, you might experience some major delays and cancellation for public transportation as Munich is expecting over 500.000 people according to newspaper Sü