Brooklyn Is New York’s Art Capital

DUMBO is located between two bridges in Brooklyn

For decades, downtown Manhattan was New York City’s art capital. But during the 1990’s the cost of renting an apartment or studio space in Manhattan became extremely expensive. So, many artists moved across the East River to Brooklyn, one of New York City’s other boroughs. Brooklyn had always been a place rich in culture, and now it has become New York City’s, and maybe America’s, new art capital.
DUMBO (which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is one area of Brooklyn that has become famous for art. DUMBO is a neighborhood located between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. It used to be an industrial area with warehouses and shipping companies, but now many of these buildings have become artist studios. The DUMBO Arts Festival (September 28-30) features exhibitions at dozens of DUMBO galleries and displays the work of hundreds of local and international painters, sculptors, photographers, and video artists.
Another area of Brooklyn that has attracted artists is Gowanus. This is the neighborhood that surrounds the Gowanus Canal, which is one of the dirtiest bodies of water in America. The neighborhood used to be an important place for industry and shipping, with dozens of ships sailing up and down the canal. But these days Gowanus has become a popular place for artists to live and create their artwork. During an event called Gowanus Open Studios (October ), hundreds of artists invite the public to their studios to look at the projects they are creating. At night, some studios have big parties with performance art, DJ’s, and dancing.
Along with DUMBO and Gowanus, the neighborhoods of Greenpoint, Crown Heights, and Bedford-Stuyvesant have also become popular places for artists to live and work. However, the downside is that the cost of living in these neighborhoods is increasing and many artists are again looking for cheaper places to live. But for now, Brooklyn is still New York’s best place to see new and interesting art.