Text Messages Around the Globe – Can you Conquer it?

Think you’ve got a hold on the foreign language you’re learning? How about taking on a whole new side of those languages. LOL! OMG! G2G! We’ve all used at least one text message slang word in the past few years, and other countries around the world are no different. Let’s explore…

2 r 1: de rien (you’re welcome)
@+: À plus (see you later)
C1Blag: C’est une blague (it’s a joke/just kidding)
Dak: d’accord (okay)
JTM: Je t’aime (I love you)
MDR: mort de rire (dying from laughing, LOL)

B7s: besitos (kisses)
Salu2: saludos (hello, goodbye)
Mxo: mucho (a lot)
Kyat: cállate (shut up)
Dnd: dónde (where)
a10: adios (goodbye)

dm: domain (however)
mmt+: mi manchi tantissimo (I miss you so much)
scs: scusa (excuse)
xxx: tanti baci (many kisses)
xché: perché (because)
t tel + trd: ti telefono + tardi (I’ll call you later)

8ung: achtung (attention)
Bb: bis bald (see you soon)
Dubido: Du bist doof (you are stupid)
Ild: ich liebe Dich (I love you)
akla – Alles klar (everything is clear)
WaMaDuHeu? – Was machst du heute? (what are you doing today?)

We challenge you to send a text message in the next week that includes one of these abbreviations.


Tell us in the comments: Which one did you use?

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