Ice cream month in Germany


Yes, it’s that time of the year: it’s national ice cream month! Thanks to Ronald Reagan, who designated the entire month of July to ice cream in 1984.

Even though Germany does not have a month dedicated to this beloved treat, Germans  love to eat ice cream in July since it can be one of the hottest months of the year.

Let’s say you are in Germany in July… how would you order ice cream? How do you say ice cream? What flavors do they have in Germany? These are serious questions which need thorough explanation, translation, and practice!

The word for ice cream is very simple and it has a great sound to it: Eis

You of course still want to be polite when ordering Eis at the Eiscafe (cafe specializing in different types of ice cream) or at the Eisdiele (ice cream parlor), so you would say: Ich hätte gern drei Kugeln Eis. (lit. I would like to have three balls of ice): Vanille, Schokolade und Erdbeere. For scoops, you would say Kugel.

Here is a list of the top flavors in Germany:

    • vanille (vanilla)
    • Schokolade (chocolate)
    • Erdbeere (strawberry)
    • Stracciatella
    • Joghurt (yogurt)
    • Zitrone (lemon)
    • Haselnuss (hazelnut)
    • Himbeer (raspberry)
    • Sahne-Kirsch (cherry with cream)
    • Latte Macchiato


Some of the names may sound Italian to you and that’s because most of the Eiscafes and Eisdielen are Italian. They sometimes call it:  Italienisches Eis (Italian ice cream).

The most important thing you’ll need to know is “Danke! (Thank you!) and Das ist lecker!(This is delicious!)