Alles Gute zum Muttertag: Happy Mother’s Day in Germany

Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries in the western world, including German speaking countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Many famous German poets and authors have written something about Mother’s Day or maternal love such as Goethe, Kurt Tucholsky and Erich Fromm to name only a few.

So, how do Germans celebrate Mother’s Day? It would start early in the morning, by waking up your mom with the words: “Guten Morgen, Mama! Alles Gute zum Muttertag!” (Good morning, mom. Happy Mother’s Day) Ideally, you would have prepared already breakfast for your mom, so the plan is to pamper your mom for one entire day. You would offer her “Nein Mama, ich mach das schon! Heute spüle ich ab” (No mom, as in leave it, I’ll get that. I will do the dishes today.) Aftwerwards you would take her out either for brunch, lunch or dinner or maybe for all three meals! During any of your meals, you would hand over your Geschenk (your gift) along with a nice Grußkarte (greeting card) which might include a poem as this one:

Erich Fromm, from the book The Art of Loving,1956

“Mutterliebe ist Frieden.
Sie braucht weder erworben,
noch verdient zu werden.”

Which translates to:

Motherly love is Peace.
It does not need to be deserved or
to be acquired.

The best way to seal this moment is by giving your mom a hug and a kiss and saying:

Du bist die beste Mama! (You are the best)

Ich hab’ dich liebe! (I love you!)